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You've got questions about Purge, We've got answers!
  • Does PURGE work and How?
    Of course, and PURGE is their energizing sauce. Think of it as coffee, PURGE gives them a little pep in their step and off to work they go. PURGE allows the environment for bacteria growth in numbers, to grow bigger, and to be more prolific in their task, thus solids get liquidated.
  • Compare and Contrast of PURGE and the Competitor?
    We can do that. As your looking for septic tank treatment products, what is the most common thing you find? Enzymes or Bacteria products - that’s what you’ll find. Different packaging with different names but enzymes is the game. PURGE, well that’s an All-In-One product full of pick me up happy juice for Bacteria (enzymes) that’s already in your septic. How did bacteria get in your septic, you put it there when you flushed your waste down the toilet. Now PURGE will create the environment for bacteria to treat your septic waste like a buffet and go to town. Instead of adding more bacteria from the store shelf (which you can if you want) just apply PURGE ALL-IN-ONE Liquid to the bacteria that’s already there in your septic
  • How do I USE PURGE All-In-One Liquid?
    Pour and Flush, into a toilet or straight into septic tank. Recommend usage of the Liquid: Half the bottle into your toilet bowl or straight into septic tank and the second half of the bottle about 3-5 days later. That’s the initial treatment and then use about 6 - 8 ounces or half a bottle per week to maintain.
  • Can I add bacteria or enzymes into my septic? Or Do I only need PURGE Septic Treatment?
    Simple truth? If you want to add bacteria, go for it. Know this, all septic systems have bacteria that’s mixed within your solids and water. PURGE products is their food source. It’s like giving your existing bacteria a shot of steroids and they want to become bigger, work faster, and be prolific. The existing bacteria will thrive in wanting to PURGE your system into efficiency by breaking down organics.
  • Is PURGE OK for all septic tanks and systems?
    Yes, you can use PURGE ALL-IN-ONE products in all septic tanks, field lines, and sprinkler applications.
  • Will PURGE keep me from having to pump my septic system?
    PURGE septic solution is for your organic solids. PURGE can’t make your plastics, dirt, feminine products, or whatever non-biodegradable products that’s found their way into your septic disappear or turn into wine. The plastic materials and sand will eventually need to be pumped out if you flush too many into your septic.
  • My septic tanks are full and in bad shape, will PURGE All-In-One Liquid work?
    Is there a wet environment? Water like fluids is all that’s needed, and PURGE will break down solids. Obviously, the worst the system, the more time that’s needed to restore efficiency
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